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(Why I collect your personal data and what I do with it)
When you supply your personal details to me they are stored and processed for 4 reasons. (the bits in bold are the relevant terms used in the General Data Protection Regulation – ie the law):
1. I need to collect personal information about your health in order to provide you with the best possible treatment. Your requesting treatment and my agreement to provide it constitutes a
contract. You can, of course, refuse to provide the information, but if you were to do that I would not be able to provide treatment.
2. I have a
Legitimate Interest in collecting that information, because without it I couldn’t do my job effectively and safely.
3. I also think that it is important that I can contact you in order to confirm your appointments or to update you on matters related to your care. This again constitutes “Legitimate Interest”, but this time it is your
legitimate interest.
4. Provided I have your consent, I may occasionally send you general information/offers in the form of emails or newsletters. You may withdraw this consent at any time – just let us know by any convenient method.
I have a legal obligation to retain your records for 8 years after your most recent appointment, but after this period you can ask me to delete your records if you wish.
Your records are stored on paper, in a locked draw, and the building is always locked out of working hours.
I will never share your data with anyone who does not need access without your written consent.
Only the following people/agencies will have routine access to your data: • practitioner(s) in order that they can provide you with treatment
• I use the booking system “shedul” which sends appointment reminder messages, so your name, email address and phone number will be saved on the server.
• My website building account “WIX” stores emails only for marketing purposes -ie news letters and special offers.
(but they do not have access to your medical history or sensitive personal information)
You have the right to see what personal data of yours I hold, and you can also ask me to correct any factual errors. Provided the legal minimum period has elapsed, you can also ask me to erase your records.

I want you to be absolutely confident that I am treating your personal data responsibly, and that I am doing everything I can to make sure that the only people who can access that data have a genuine need to do so.

Of course, if you feel that I are mishandling your personal data in some way, you have the right to complain.
Complaints need to be sent to what is referred to in the jargon as the “Data Controller”. The details you need for that are:
Clare Pantrey 07803619594
5 standard Quay, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7BS
If you are not satisfied with the response, then you have the right to raise the matter with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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